About This Campaign

This campaign is actually being run for my two youngest children (ages 7 & 9 at time of writing).

After years of being around friends and family playing RPG's they wanted to get in on the action. Instead of getting them involved with any one of the ongoing games we have, we decided to give them a campaign of their own to cut their teeth on.

This is primarily their adventure, but may have guest players from time to time too. After sitting them down and asking what type of story they wanted to play, they settled on something of a dark grim fairytale-like setting.

Something with magic and adventure. but also a little spooky and scary. It isn't going to have a regular slot. but when we do play a session I'm planning on updating it here on Obsidian Portal relatively live.

It's not really meant to go anywhere, just having fun spending time with the kids introducing them to tabletop gaming.

The setting is being created live in play so information will be sparse until it comes up in play.

I'm looking forward to what they get up to.

About This Campaign

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